“We engaged Jerry to launch our new product line and from day one he put his vast experience and contact network into action. His pure genius, perseverance and dedication delivered an amazing result in a highly compressed timeframe. I would highly recommend Jerry to anyone looking to launch a new product on the work stage.” – Michael Kearns, CEO of Amartus

“Jerry is a total professional. We hired him to help us with a new product release campaign in the Telecom space. In response, he matched his significant experience, with his innate creativity; to help develop messaging that properly positioned us with respect to both CSPs and NEMs, providing us with almost instant presence in our target market. The impact on the Business Development function of gaining this type of recognition was immeasurable. This was a direct result of his ideas and actions, as well as his extensive contacts. Direct, efficient and collaborative, I would highly recommend Jerry to any marketing/sales organization needing a little extra muscle.” – Wayne Benoit, VP of Business Development at Amartus.

"I have known Jerry for nearly 20 years and I have a lot of respect for his deep marketing experience. I recently hired Jerry to help me develop a marketing plan to position RightWave as an emerging leader in Marketing Automation as a Service (MaaS). Jerry helped me tremendously to figure out the best options to move the company forward. His efforts have resulted in not only an improved go-to-market strategy, but also an improved website and customer presentation. In addition, Jerry has a vast network of industry contacts that are very helpful in getting appropriate resources and build relationships. I would highly recommend Jerry for your strategic marketing needs." – Anurag Khemka, CEO of RightWave.

“I have worked with Jerry for many years and he is exceptional when it comes to outbound marketing functions. Jerry has experience at companies of all stages, but has particular strengths with start-ups. He is both a strategic and creative thinker and interacts well with all levels of company management. Most recently, at AirHop, Jerry played a key role in launching the Company. He developed much of the initial corporate materials, including the company logo, website, data sheets, white paper, and several press releases. He also helped the company to build relationships with key industry press and analysts. I would highly recommend Jerry to any company looking to launch a product or improve its industry visibility.” – Stephen Diamond, Executive Chairman of AirHop Communications.

“I worked with Jerry at AirHop where he helped launch the company. While Jerry is a very creative and experienced marketing executive, what striked me the most is his start-up mentality and the ability to exceed with the limited resources. He's also a good team player, very open-minded, and adapt quickly to the new company and team.” – Yan Hui, CEO of AirHop Communications.

“I've known Jerry for years and he's always been a source of sound advice. Since he's been advising HyLo he's continued to be a solid sounding board asking those critical questions that challenge you to think things through and make you better off as a result. It's been a pleasure.” – Brian Ostrovsky, CEO of Hyper Local Media.

“It was a great experience working with Jerry for many reasons. His counsel, based on his deep knowledge and understanding of startup businesses and the issues they face helped us navigate some difficult waters. Jerry is well connected with people in all areas of business, so it's clear that people who've worked with him in the past are glad to have that opportunity again. I consider it a privilege to be one of those people. On top of all that, he's a great guy: a man of integrity who puts people first.” – John Schulthess, Co-Founder of Freepath.

“I've worked with Jerry at several early stage high technology companies as the CFO. Jerry has a vast knowledge and experience in strategic marketing for pre/post funded start ups. Jerry can rapidly gain the technical understanding of a new product and then develops a strategy for entry into the market place. He has an understanding of a start up business and what it takes to make it a success. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Jerry.” – Roger Tharp, CFO at Media Addiction.

“I have known Jerry Hall since the late 90s and he is a very dynamic marketing professional that can easily combine the facets of deep technical understanding with the ability to get a new product or concept off the ground quickly. His energy in a start-up environment is infectious and communications skills top rate. I would highly recommend Jerry as an asset to any marketing organization.” – Michael Jack, VP of Marketing at Antara.

“Jerry is a visionary leader who has deep knowledge of start-up process. He has a strong sense of market which allows him to come up with right strategies and positioning for success. Jerry is very trustworthy, personable and a versatile entrepreneur. It has been a great pleasure to work with Jerry over past several years.” – Ashish Pandya, Founder of Infosil.


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"We engaged Jerry to launch our new product line and from day one he put his vast experience and contact network into action, his pure genius, perseverance and dedication delivered an amazing result in a highly...

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